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Amanda’s School Birthday Treats

30 Mar


Just a snapshot of what I took for my kids at school on my birthday (waaaaay back on March 15.) I was trying to find a cake or some kind of big pastry item to take for them, but like most things in Egypt, that ended up being much too difficult. So I bought a huge tin of chocolate truffles, a few Todos (huge HoHo cake type things) for my teacher friends and a bag of Mars bars (which are my favorite chocolate candy bar here.)


I got to have a genuine Egyptian school birthday party! During the last 30 minutes of my KG class, I busted out the truffles, todos and chocolates, was sung to in Arabic and English and got to make all my kids happy with candy. I wasn’t planning on really taking anything to my newly acquired Primary 4 class, seeing as I don’t really like them (no joke,) but I was feeling kind. Sadly, I ran out of chocolates, so before heading upstairs for class, I ran to the store cantina and bought 20 LE worth of Chipsee, or the national brand of chips here. I promised my class that if they all behaved and we got through the necessary chapters in our book, we could have a birthday party. They sort of behaved, and I handed out plates and chipsee to share. My best students got the four remaining Mars bars. 


Another interesting and slightly off Egyptian experience, nonetheless.