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Sandwiches. That is all.

25 May

We’ve been eating SO MANY sandwiches lately. They are absolutely delicious, so easy to make and relatively healthy. Sadly, we’ve been eating them so fast after making them that we don’t have photographic proof of their wonderful creation. But. Here is a list of the necessary ingredients to make our current favorite sandwich:

-Wheat bread

-Homemade honey mustard



-One over-medium egg (slightly cooked, slightly runny yolk). While cooking egg, add salt, pepper, curry powder, onion powder and a dash of chili powder

-Cheddar cheese (sliced)

-Mozzarella cheese (crumbled)

-Jalepenos (optional)

Layer how you see fit and devour. So good.


2-Minute Cucumber, Red Pepper and Tomato Salad

24 Mar

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In an attempt to eat more healthy snacks and try and take advantage of all the fresh, readily available fruits and veggies, I present to you a delicious, easy salad.

I first created this with my mom while she visited in January and it took all of two minutes to make.

  • Buy several tomatoes, cucumbers and red peppers from local veggie stand down the street
  • Clean well!
  • Cut  all into small pieces (I usually use two cucumbers (which are smaller here in Egypt), two tomatoes and one red pepper)
  • Put into bowl
  • Add sprinkling of olive oil, apple cider vinegar
  • Add dashes of cinnamon powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, curry and sugar.
  • Add a sprinkling of feta cheese on top if you’re feeling feisty, or a cube of cheese on the side
  • Eat with a fork and feel refreshed and delicious.

Homemade Pizza & Carrot Soup

21 Mar

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This soup was inspired by Ms. Boni, who is the ruler of all thing KG at Amanda’s school. While Amanda’s mom was in Cairo, we were lucky to have dinner at Ms. Boni’s where she made us her version of Mac and Cheese and her famous carrot soup.

Having loved it so much, and having just bought our blender (!) we were excited to give it a whirl ourselves.

See this link for our pizza recipe:


Carrot Soup:

We hit up the veggie stand and got three potatoes and a kilo of carrots

-Peel carrots and one potato and chop into cubes

-Boil until all are soft

-Place in blender and gently puree

-Add one cup of hot water

-Add one bullion cube

-Add salt, pepper, a dash of curry powder, onion powder and cinnamon

-Serve piping hot in a big bowl.

The natural carrot taste is delightful, and the potato works to thicken up the soup. This needs very little seasoning and works as a great side dish or main course. I just bought some more carrots and am looking forward to making it again this weekend!