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whole 30

10 Jan

starting it – boom.

for accountability and tracking:

day one:


leftover chicken with red, green and yellow peppers, onion and garlic


whole 30 Chili


deconstructed steak lettuce wrap with roasted potatoes, peppers and onions


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Sandwiches. That is all.

25 May

We’ve been eating SO MANY sandwiches lately. They are absolutely delicious, so easy to make and relatively healthy. Sadly, we’ve been eating them so fast after making them that we don’t have photographic proof of their wonderful creation. But. Here is a list of the necessary ingredients to make our current favorite sandwich:

-Wheat bread

-Homemade honey mustard



-One over-medium egg (slightly cooked, slightly runny yolk). While cooking egg, add salt, pepper, curry powder, onion powder and a dash of chili powder

-Cheddar cheese (sliced)

-Mozzarella cheese (crumbled)

-Jalepenos (optional)

Layer how you see fit and devour. So good.

Sponge Bob Birthday Cake!

25 May



This wonderfully hilarious(and accurate!) cake was brought to my school for a student’s fifth birthday party! It was probably the best cake we’ve had all year….not too sugary and the fondant wasn’t too thick and gooey. A cute cake and a great party in my classroom!


Grandpa’s Baked Onions

25 May

Grandpa's Baked Onions

This delicious meal is courtesy of my Grandpa Heley. The recipe is simple and oh so tasty.

-One large white onion
-Salt, pepper
-Two tablespoons of butter
-Garlic powder
-Curry powder

Hollow out middle of whole onion. Place inside butter and all dry ingredients. Wrap in foil. Bake in oven on medium heat for 45 minutes.

Voila! You have a warm, soft, deliciously flavored onion that you can eat as a whole meal or as a side dish.

Amanda’s School Birthday Treats

30 Mar


Just a snapshot of what I took for my kids at school on my birthday (waaaaay back on March 15.) I was trying to find a cake or some kind of big pastry item to take for them, but like most things in Egypt, that ended up being much too difficult. So I bought a huge tin of chocolate truffles, a few Todos (huge HoHo cake type things) for my teacher friends and a bag of Mars bars (which are my favorite chocolate candy bar here.)


I got to have a genuine Egyptian school birthday party! During the last 30 minutes of my KG class, I busted out the truffles, todos and chocolates, was sung to in Arabic and English and got to make all my kids happy with candy. I wasn’t planning on really taking anything to my newly acquired Primary 4 class, seeing as I don’t really like them (no joke,) but I was feeling kind. Sadly, I ran out of chocolates, so before heading upstairs for class, I ran to the store cantina and bought 20 LE worth of Chipsee, or the national brand of chips here. I promised my class that if they all behaved and we got through the necessary chapters in our book, we could have a birthday party. They sort of behaved, and I handed out plates and chipsee to share. My best students got the four remaining Mars bars. 


Another interesting and slightly off Egyptian experience, nonetheless. 

Sweet Spinach Pastry Enchiladas

24 Mar

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This was an interesting endeavor. I bought pastry sheets about a month ago, in addition to spinach, with the intention of making sambousek. Days passed though and I craved Mexican food instead. Feeling hungry tonight for a medley of flavors, this was the end result.


  • Pastry sheets
  • One egg
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • Two cups of spinach
  • One cup mozzarella cheese
  • Salt, Pepper, curry powder, garlic powder onion powder, salt, pepper, basil, ginger powder



  • Place butter, one egg, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder in a sauce pan; stir until all is melted together.
  • Lay out four pastry sheets in a shallow pan and allow to reach room temperature
  • In a bowl, combine spinach, cheese, a sprinkling of olive oil and all spices. Mix well.
  • Lay one tablespoon full of mixture on top of each pastry sheet
  • Lay one pastry sheet on top of mixture (which is laying on top of first pastry sheet.
  • Roll up like a tortilla (so it looks like a triangle), place in pan
  • Pour butter, egg, olive oil and spices mixture on top of filled pastries
  • Bake in oven on high for about 30 minutes until pastry is golden brown and crispy.
  • Eat and enjoy!

Homemade Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

24 Mar

Imagee completely obsessed with dipping. Everything. Into everything. 

  • Pizza into ranch and barbecue
  • Toast into egg yolk, jamand peanut butter
  • French fries into ketchup (Amanda only), BBQ, ranch, honey mustard
  • Sandwiches into soup
  • Fingers into any tasty sauce we can find.

So, basically, we love a good sauce. When we discovered our now favorite restaurant called Crave (on 218 Street in Maadi), we not only discovered an amazing restaurant, but amazing honey mustard. We decided we needed to have it all the time at home, seeing as we can only afford to go to Crave about once a month. 

Also it should be mentioned that Egypt doesn’t really sell honey mustard. Or a lot of basics. (Or if they do sell versions of these basics like honey mustard, ranch and BBQ sauce, they are….not so great. That is why we have also resorted to making our own ranch sauce, using Hidden Valley Ranch packets sent by our families. But that is another entry for another day. Ranch dressing, Brandan and Amanda could be its own novel.)

But anyway. Amanda discovered a honey mustard recipe online, added a few variations and tada! Homemade honey mustard for all of our dipping needs. Most recently, it was used this morning on our “salami, egg, lettuce and gouda” sandwiches.

Honey Mustard Recipe Ingredients: 

  • Four tablespoons mayonnaise
  • One tablespoon yellow mustard
  • One tablespoon worcestershire sauce
  • Three tablespoons honey
  • Dash of sugar

Mix all in a bowl and slather on everything!*



*Probably not so great for our diet. Everything in moderation though…