hello! (again!)

21 Mar

Our blog has moved from tumblr (http://carmelizedpans.tumblr.com ) to here. BOOM.

this will allow our countless fans to comment on our recipes and food memories without being a member of our publishing platform. woohoo!

so read on for tasty recipes & for food adventures in Cairo and our kitchen.

Highlights since our last update on Tumblr:

-We got a BLENDER. a beautiful black and decker blender that allows us to make smoothies at all hours, chop nuts, grate cheese and experiment with all sorts of flavors. (citrus and pistacchio do not go well together…who would have thought.)

This glorious machine was purchased at Carrefour while my mom was visiting Cairo before moving to Brasil! We use it several times a week and it has inspired us to be even more creative with our cooking.

-We have both committed to try and eat more healthy foods, and maybe fewer Oreos and stuffed crust pizza. This is challenging…as Carrefour just had an amazing deal on packs of Oreos. We bought them, but they serve as a reward or small snack when we really need it. Our goal is less of some foods, more of better foods and to work out in some fashion regularly. We have given up on finding an exercise bike to purchase here (after months of searching, rationalizing the investment and payback when we move) and overall hassle of doing anything in Cairo, we have decided we need to just do what we can without buying fancy equipment. That can be lifting our weights in the apartment and doing some sort of cardio or stretching. Go us!

-We have committed to staying in Cairo for the summer. Amanda accepted a job at The Cairo American College teaching pre-Kindergarten and journalism. This will give us a chance to experience Cairo in the summma summa time when it is hot and delicious foods like mangos are in season. More food adventures await us this summer!

Stay tuned for more!

A and B


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