Heliopolis Food Highlights

21 Mar

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This post includes food items from two separate trips to Heliopolis!

Tasted in January with Amanda’s Mom:

Amanda and her mom took a trip to Heliopolis for a girls’ weekend and ended up discovering delicious mango, strawberry and vanilla bean sorbet at a wonderful French cafe. It just happened to be across from Mubarak’s former palace, or as our taxi driver said (quite adamantly) “Egypt’s palace.” We knew we wanted ice cream and a drink, as we had been walking all over a shopping district in Heliopolis (Shubra), but the ordering process was a bit frenzied, as we had no menus and had to simply point at fellow customers’ tables that featured ice cream, saying “izeen nefs haga,” or “we want the same thing.” It worked out alright, and we each got three delicious scoops of sorbet with fruit underneath and pistachios sprinkled on top. Delicious.

Tasted in March with Brandan:

We went to Heliopolis last weekend for Amanda’s birthday! Though we did not return to the sorbet cafe, we ate amazing (and greatly missed) Mexican food at City Stars (the second largest mall in the Middle East) and feasted on the most culturally diverse breakfast buffet known to man at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Our breakfast included: bacon, eggs, falafel, hummus, pita, doughnuts, croissants, veggie curry, dates, apricots, pineapple, lots of coffee, strawberry and orange juice, potatoes, a california roll and lots of…chocolate. Brandan went up for seconds to make sure we each had enough dark chocolate morsels on our breakfast plates. So delicious and a good meal to start off our second day of shopping and stressful movie watching. (That’s another blog entry for another day. But let it be known that watching movies with Egyptians is…loud. Very loud.) We can’t wait to go back to Heliopolis soon though, even for just enough time to eat at the Mexican restaurant again and sneak away some chocolate from the breakfast buffet.


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